”Kuroko's Basketball" Becomes "Chick's Basketball" For April Fool's Day

Literally, chicks, chicks, everywhere, even Weekly Jump feature a female model on the cover

The Kuroko's Basketball anime official site decided to get in on the April Fool's Day jokes by switching the main image of the top page from ballplayers to cute chicks, but not in the way you're thinking! There's a Kuroko chick, Kagami chick, and Generation Of Miracle chicks just for one day of enjoyment.



You can see they crossed out the word Kuroko and replaced it with the hand-written Hiyoko, which means "chick" in Japanese. These deformed chicks are often used by the anime staff on SNS during the broadcast, but little did we know that they took the center stage for April Fool's Day.





On other news, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that it will be renewed as a fashion manga magazine, Jumpteen, which is a parody of Seventeen, a teen's fashion magazine also published by Shueisha. April fools!


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