VIDEO: JAM Project Rocks the World with Their Newest Song PVs

53rd single "Rebellion-Hangyaku no Senshitachi" and 54th "Breaktrough"

Japanese record company Lantis has posted two short promotional videos for the anison super group JAM Project's latest songs: 53rd single "Rebellion-Hangyaku no Senshitachi" (S3/PS Vita game Super Robot Wars ZIII: Jigoku-hen theme) and 54th "Breakthrough" (TV anime Nobunaga the Fool 2nd OP). Both songs are written/composed by the leader of the group Hironobu Kageyama. The two singles will be released in Japan simultaneously on April 30. How do you like their new songs?



53rd single "Rebellion-Hangyaku no Senshitachi" short PV



54th single "Breakthrough" short PV



JAM Project


Source: JAM Project official site


© 2013 JAM Project, Lantis

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