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Good Smile Company, "Hamatora" and "Hitsugime no Chaika" Go Live-Action For April Fools' Day

Figure maker teased taking pre-orders for a "1/1 Scale Bathtime Collection Swimsuit Girl"

As beloved as the 2D world may be to many, a number of April Fools' Day jokes had the idea to go 3D this year. Last season's Hamatora and the upcoming season's Hitsugime no Chaika (Coffin Princess Chaika) both presented live-action versions of their characters. Meanwhile, figure maker Good Smile Company teased taking pre-orders for a "1/1 Scale Bathtime Collection Swimsuit Girl." 


Generally, this the sort of borderline humor that should be left to the professionals. GSC's go at the potentially creepy joke includes the note that she floats, but probably shouldn't be exposed to water above 40°C.




The Good Smile Shop is offering exclusive shampoo bottles as a bonus



Good Smile Company, like most of these sites are quick to remove all images and videos as soon as the day is over. 

In their place, GSC's Kahotan Blog introduced the model, Tsukasa Araim, a race queens for GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO.






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