"Monogatari" Series Posts 41 Lies with Only One Truth

Can you spot the truth in all the April Fools' Day jokes?

How many of you miss Deishu Kaiki from the Monogatari series? He is back in Usomonogatari ~Kaiki April~, which is the April Fools' Day special promotion from the series. Uso in Japanese means a lie and Kaiki April offers 41 jokes (the number chosen because of the 4th month and 1st day) and asks fans to spot the single truth out of them. Some of them are obvious, some are very wishful and some are very believable. Can you call it? Let's find out.



The video urges fans to know the lies if you want to know the truth.


1. Owarimonogatari Ge, the next volume in the series' novels, will have more than 100,000 pages



2. Monogatari themed travel tour No. 1 with Mayoi Hachikuji with no return due to getting lost



3. New set of Senjogahara branded stationaries that you can carry under your skirt



4. Onimonogatari scroll version release of all 20 volumes


5. Character audio commentary hosted by Tsubasa Hanekawa and Black Hanekawa



6. Monogatari Heroines to decorate commercial passenger aircraft



7. Manga Kimi To Nadekko by Nadeko Sengoku gets anime


8. Kimi To Nadekko Spin-off, Kimi No Ninki Ni Kuttsukihi! also gets anime


9. Senjogahara's request: Facial Expression Shitajiki, a set of 1000 sheets so you can bend your neck like them


10. Shinobu's donuts shop! Selling 50 yen donuts for 100 yen each!


11. Monogatari themed travel tour No. 2 with Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade to South Pole by her super jump


12. Life-size Yotsugi Ononoki doll

13. Hanekawa's feather comforter that awakens your other self

14. Senjogahara presents: Herusu-meter (pronounced as Healthmeter in Japanese) that makes your weight 1/5

15. Kaiki branded Cat's Cradle string hoop made with an ordinary string

16. Monogatari series heroine character book featuring Oogi Oshino with all black pages


17. Kogarashi Centiment featuring Hitagi Senjogahara gets a novel by Ishin Nishio


18. Official Kanbaru soeur launch with Deishu Kaiki as the president

19. Tsukihi's friendship checklist to see who your true frinds are

20. Nekomonogatari Jou & Ge get localized to cat language, translated by Black Hanekawa

21. Black Hanekawa's Cat Black Can Coffee that she can't drink because it's too hot (Japanese say "Cat's Tongue to describe sensitive tongue)


22. Yotsugi Ononoki Kimegao trading card, only one variety


23. Mayoi Hachikuji branded chewing gum! The more you chew, the better you talk! (possibly)

24. Bakemonogatari introductory guidebook volume 2, graduation edition


25. Shinobu's clothing store with her ability to actualize any outfit

26. Break-up of girls band "Loli-trio" with Shinobu, Mayoi and Yotsugi that they don't remember forming

27. First volume is free! Deishu Kaiki's Magic Book

28. Ononoki brand ice candy stored frozen with other dead bodies

29. 100/1 scale Hitagi figure that can recreate scenes from opening theme


30. 1/100 Koyomi Araragi figure sized to match his human nature


31. Omoshi Kani (Heavy Stone Crab) figure that no one can see

32. Monogatari themed travel tour No. 3: Spacetime travel with Shinobu Oshino to destroy the world


33. Nadeko's bookshelf on sale with all the books (that she didn't even read)

34. Koyomi's room cleaning service that he really doesn't mind compared to cleaning Kanbaru's room


35. 240 hours of TV with a re-broadcast of the Monogatari series running for 10 straight days

36. Nisemonogatari gets released on VHS


37. Production of Snake Sake to dedicate to Kita Shirahebi Shrine will begin

38. God nadeko wig on sale! Made with real snakes


39. Kagenui map that only shows roads that are not on the ground

40. Hanekawa's restaurant with no condiments and no menu for a limited time

41. Kaiki launches his own company, Gizensha (means Hypocrite in Japanese)

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