"Fate/flower shower" 10th Anniversary CLAMP Prize Art Previewed

Shinjirou and Medori art also previewed

Fate/stay night was released in Japan on January 30, 2004 for Windows PCs. In honor of this Type-Moon, Kadokawa, and Banpresto are presenting a special flower themed Ichiban Kubji prize lottery, the A prize for which is B2 size art by CLAMP, pako and Shizuki Morri. Kadokawa's Young Ace has posted a special preview of the CLAMP contribution. 




the S prize is a first edition Language of Flowers art book. 


From that, they've previewed works by Shinjirou  


and Medori  


B prize is a school calendar


C is a Fate/zero cafe tumbler set


D is a set of 5 bookmarks


E is buttons


F is Chibi charms


Last chance prize is a  Takashi Takeuchi poster

Double change prize is a special edition of the art book with textured cover

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