VIDEO: "Dragon Ball" Parody Video Takes On Japanese Hip Hop Classic

Japanese Dragon Ball comedians show off their skills

As many of you know, Dragon Ball is such an epic series that in Japan, some comedians make their career out of impersonating characters from the franchise, similar to the way some comedians and actors do late Michael Jackson impersonations. They are called Dragon Ball Geinin (Geinin meaning Comedian in Japanese), and a group of them got together to create a parody of 1999's Japanese Hip Hop classic, "Grateful Days" by Dragon Ash featuring Aco & Zeebra, appropriately titled Battleful Days featuring Vegeta, Yamcha, Piccolo and Frieza.



R Fujimoto who cosplayed as Vegeta in the parody video also did the lyrics of this version with many Dragon Ball references. One of the most famous lyrics from the original by a Japanese Rapper Zeebra, "I was born in Tokyo, raised by Hip Hop, shady guys are usually my people" was edited to fit Piccolo as "I was born in Namek, came from Yunzabit Heights, green guys are usually my people".



R Fujimoto as Vegeta

Icchou Watanabe as Piccolo

Bird238 as Yamucha

BAN BAN BAN Yamamoto as Frieza




Here is the original version, if you would like to compare.


Source: CuRAZY

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