VIDEO: Mamoru Miyano and Yuuki Kaji Sing "Nobunaga the Fool" Character Songs

The first two CDs of the six character song series

The Japanese official site for the on-going TV anime Nobunaga the Fool has posted two trial listening videos for the first two CDs of the upcoming character song series. The volume 1 features Mamoru Miyano as the protagonist Oda Nobunaga, while Yuuki Kaji sings for the volume 2 as Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The character song series will be released monthly from April to June two CDs in one month. The fans who purchase four of the six CDs at the Animate stores across Japan will get a special CD container box featuring a newly-drawn illustration. Check the release schedule below. 


April 16

-vol.1 Nobunaga (CV Mamoru Miyano)


-vol.2 Hideyoshi (CV:Yuuki Kaji)


May 14

-vol.3 Jeanne (CV: Yoko Hikasa)

-vol.4 Ichihime (CV:Minori Chihara)


June 25

-vol.5 Himiko (CV:Nao Touyama)

-vol.6 Caesar (CV:Yuichi Nakamura)



Vol.1 Nobunaga (CV Mamoru Miyano) trial listening video



Vol.2 Hideyoshi (CV:Yuuki Kaji) trial listening video



© Shoji Kawamori, Satelight/ALC/GP/Nobunaga the Fool Production Committee

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