Freemium "Sword Art Online Fone" Launches This Spring

Bonus items are being offered to fans who preregister

Anifone's beta test for their Sword Art Online Android smartphone interface/game is now wrapping up, with a full launch now slated for this spring. Unlike the Madoka Phone app, which sells theme packages for the different magic girls, SAO's will be a free download with in-app purchases.


Bonus items are being offered to fans who preregister by sending an e-mail to [email protected] 



Install the world of Aincrad onto your Android Smartphone.
A totally new experience unlike any other phone app or game you've ever seen...
The second release of the groundbreaking character Android Smartphone application [Anifone].
[Sword Art Online fone]
Enter the world of Aincrad on your Android Smartphone
Meet new friends and comrades in this virtual world, and level them up as you use your Android Smartphone every day.
The Key to log out from Aincrad is in your hands!

Free Beta version now available for a limited time only!

Sword Art Online fone






Introducing some of the Key Features! * The beta release will only allow you to experience a portion of these features.

manua01 Enter the world of Aincrad from your smartphone lock screen.



manua02 Set your home screen to your favourite guild!



manua03 Once your guild members reach a certain level, choose to challenge a higher floor and move one floor higher.


  • Dungeons, streets and other scenes that appeared in the anime will make an appearance on various floors. Furthermore, the higher you ascend, new guild members will appear, and more outfits will be available for the members. Rise through the floors by using your smartphone.


manua04 Bosses will appear on certain floors!




manua05 Enjoy original content exclusively available for the Sword Art Online fone!


Original VOICE

manua06 You can customize the setup of your Sword Art Online fone to your liking!

manua07 The alarm has settings where Kirito or Asuna can wake you up!


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