Resort Hotel in Nagano Offers "Happinesscharge PreCure!" Stay Plan

Including a PreCure cosplay photo session

Same as the previous years, Ikenotaira Hotel in Nagano Prefecture has started offering the latest edition of its collaboration room stay plan with Toei Animation's long-running TV anime series PreCure, featuring the on-going 11th installment Happinesscharge PreCure!. The hotel started offering the PreCure special room in 2010 with the TV series of the year, Heartcatch PreCure!. Since then, the room has been loved by the child PreCure fans and their families. The room is decorated with the illustrations and symbols of Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, and Cure Honey from Happinesscharge PreCure, and the child visitors can take home 11 PreCure goods as souvenirs. Even a free PreCure cosplay photo session is included in the plan (only for kids). The plan will be available till January 12, 2015. If you have kids who are crazy about PreCure, this is the place to stay.



PreCure room (for three people)



Happy room (for four people)



PreCure Cosplay photo session



11 PreCure Goods


-Puzzle Stickers

-File Case

-Stationery set

-Graffiti notebook

-Clear file

-Celluloid sheet


-Sticking plasters


-Bottle Water



Source: press release


© ABC/Toei Animation

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