Greninja's Teleport Move in "Super Smash Bros." Explained

Brawler hits Nintendo 3DS this summer, Wii U this winter

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai is back with another pic of the day, and this one shows off the newest addition to the roster, Pokémon X/Y's Greninja. In the post Sakurai mentions how fun Greninja's sophisticated moves are to use after getting acclimated to them, and then goes on to explain his Shadow Sneak teleportation attack.


First, the pic of the day itself:


Sakurai's follow-up comment accompanied this screen:


"The side special attack Shadow Sneak is a move that makes Greninja suddenly disappear and ambush opponents. If you press and hold the button, Greninja will move a greater distance. Another unique feature is you can move Greninja around freely while charging up."


Greninja and the rest leap into action when Super Smash Bros. hits Nintendo 3DS this summer, followed by a winter release on Wii U.


Via Siliconera



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