VIDEO: Girls Tokusatsu Film "Jyoshizu" Trailer Features E-girls' Theme Song

From the director of "HK / Hentai Kamen"

It is officially confirmed today on April 16 that popular Japanese girls group (consisting of at least 29 members) E-girls' pop tune "ASAP" will be used as the theme song for the upcoming action-comedy tokusatsu parody film Jyoshizu. The song was originally included in their 2nd album "COLORFUL POP" which was released on March 19 and took the No. 1 spot on the Oricon weekly album ranking in its first week. E-girls is managed by LDH, the company also has EXILE, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. They are often called "EXILE's sister group" by the Japanese media.


Jyoshizu is written/directed by Yuichi Fukuda, who is known by his 2013 controversial film HK/Hentai Kamen. The girl's costumes are designed by manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto, also known as the original character designer for the 1994 TV anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam. In addition to E-girls'

"ASAP," popular anime voice actor Daisuke Namikawa sings the OP song "Jyoshizu's Theme." The film

tells a story of a Super Sentai team consists of five modern and selfish girls who unwillingly have to

fight against an evil army and its monsters. It hits Japanese theaters on June 7.


"Jyoshizu" trailer


The scenes from the film



E-girls' 2nd album "COLORFUL POP" CD jacket



6th single "Gomennasai no Kissing You" (October 2, 2013)



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