Decapre and Other "Ultra Street Fighter IV" Additions Get Alt Costumes

Latest version of Capcom's fighter arrives in June

Thanks to EB Games Canada, we have an early look at some of the alternate costumes coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV's new characters, including the latest addition, Decapre. It's only in art form at the moment, but you can see how Decapre and the rest look in their alt costumes below.


First up, Decapre goes all Man in the Iron Mask and clamps a bunch of locks all over her belts and stuff to become… Gladiator Decapre:



There's also:


Jungle Elena


Medieval Hugo


Pirate Poison


Wizard Rolento


There currently aren't any details on the versions outside of Canada, but anyone in that region can pre-order through EB Games to get early access to the 2014 Challenger's Pack. 


Ultra Street Fighter IV hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this June. 


Via Siliconera



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