VIDEO: Teaser for "Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone" Anime Film

The latest Lupin anime film hits a Tokyo theater on June 21

The official Twitter account for the upcoming anime film Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone today announced that a 30-second teaser trailer is now available on YouTube, and posted the first key visual drawn by director/character designer Takeshi Koike (REDLINE). The tagline of the visual says, "Good bye, Jigen." 


This is the second spin-off title of the nationally popular Lupin the Third anime series following the 2012 13-episode TV anime LUPIN the third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, in which Koike also served as the character designer. The 2014 film tells how Lupin and Jigen become the partners in their early days, and Jigen's showdown with a professional killer named Yael Okuzaki. The hit man always prepares a grave for his targets before the mission and nobody has ever survived. As the title of the film suggests, he has already set up the one for Jigen.


Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone is scheduled to be screened at the Shinjuku Wald 9 theater

in Tokyo for a limited time of one week between June 21 and 27.



The teaser



Key visual





Source: The official Twitter account for the film


Original Story: Monkey Punch ©TMS

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