Good Smile Company Previews "Attack on Titan" 1/8th Scale Mikasa Ackerman

Pre-orders begin April 22nd

Good Smile Company is gearing up to launch pre-orders for their 1/8th scale Mikasa Ackerman on April 22nd.  With the item about to go on sale, their Kahotan's blog has posted preview images of the figure, which recreates the popular heroine's pose from the cover of Attack on Titan's second Blu-ray.



The in a discussion with the planner of the figure, Kyojin, blog notes

“This Mikasa was based on the cover illustration of the 2nd anime DVD/Blu-ray! We went through many, many fixes and alternations before getting her to this state!”


 “Most of the changes were to ensure that the pose looked right from various angles. The illustration she is based on was obviously only ever viewable from one angle… but when you can look from 360 degrees there are a lot more things that need to be taken into account!”

“We paid particular attention to the twist of her body and angles of her legs to try and capture the same unique feeling of the original illustration!”

“The careful attention to the overall balance of the figure has made for a truly amazing product… I know that everyone will be very happy with her once they see it for themselves!”


The limited edition ‘DX Ver.’ includes a special base made to look like one of the buildings in the series.


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