It's Kemo-Mimi Sunday! Enjoy Otome Game Characters With Animal Ears!

Pointy cat & dog ears on Otome game characters and 2 guys from Durarara!

Where do we begin with what those pointy ears would do to us, especially, when they are on deformed otome game characters? A Japanese otome game developer in Otomate knows all too well and that's exactly what they are offering fans at the Otomate In Nanjatown 2014 event starting from May 10th for about 2 months in Ikebukuro, Japan. Good-looking boys from the popular otome titles that are all sporting Kemo-mimi and deformed for maximum effect. 



From top:

Hakuouki Sweet School Life



NORN 9 Norun+Nonetto



Although they do not appear in any otome games (yet), Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!! just graced the cover of Sylph magazine's May 2014 issue. The image of the duo sporting Kemo-mimi hoodies will be turned into some kind of merchandise in the future and the July 2014 issue will have more details.



Source: Natalie, Nijimen

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