New "Pokemon" Merch Features Japanese Design Motif To Target Mature Fans

New collection available in June

Hey, are you a grown-up who loves Pokémon? The Japanese Pokémon official site has posted teaser images of a collection of new merchandise that incorporates traditional Japanese design that is claimed to be chic enough for grown-ups, especially men.


The collection is titled "Pokémon meets Japanese Design" and features two lines that are inspired by "Kokeshi (a Japanese doll)" and "Kamon (Japanese family crest)". The "Kokeshi" line uses deformed Pokémon as Kokeshi dolls in soft Japanese colors and "Poké-Mon (a combined word taken from "Kamon" and "Pokémon") comes in a chic Japanese navy color.



The new collection will be on sale starting June 7th at all Pokémon Centers in Japan. The above photo is a new Pikachu plushie made with a "Wagara (a pattern using Japanese motifs)" pattern, 1389 yen. 



These Kokeshi-fied Pokémon shown above are adorable! They are all over the new Kokeshi collection and below are some of the items teased on the official site.



From left: Gauze Towel 482 yen, Small Coin Purse With Clasp 880 yen, Draw-string Bag 1130 yen, Large Purse With Clasp 1899 yen.



Tabi socks (Female size 7 - 8) 482 yen




The "Poké-Mon" line features chic Japanese navy as the theme color and uses Pokémon in each Japanese Family Crest-esque design. From left, the best piece is not a part of the collection: Shingen Bukuro (a draw-string bag that can be attached to a belt or Obi of kimono) 1389 yen, Zipper Shoulder Bag 3519 yen, T-shirt (Mens Small, Medium and Large) 2778 yen.



A sample image of how Shingen Bukuro can be attached to a belt, above.





From top: Stamp Holder With Red Ink 926 yen, Pen Case With Zipper 1112 yen.



Gauze Towel 482 yen. Can you tell which Pokémon is used for each design?


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