"Fate/stay night" Dance Posters Showcased

Plus a few bonus cosplay pics!

Awa Odori (Dance) Festival is held from 12 to 15 August every year in Tokushima Prefecture, and with a branch, cafe and cinema in founder Hikaru Kondo's home town, anime studio ufotable has a history of getting into the spirit of the event. At this weekend's Machi✩Asobi anime event, held in the city, ufotable previewed this year's poster, with the characters from their upcoming Fate/stay night anime. 





2010's Fate/zero and Tales of , linked to 2013's



Previous posters have featured Kara no Kyokai, Touhou Project, Fate/zero and more.


Meanwhile, Nitroplus spokesperson posted a few cosplay shots from the event...


via Yaraon




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