VIDEO: E-girls Teaches "Chibi Maruko-chan" OP Song Dance

The 29-member unit known as "EXILE's sister group"

Since yesterday May 4, a new version of "Odoru Pompokolin" by popular Japanese girls group E-girls has been featured as the OP song for the long-running TV anime Chibi Maruko-chan. The theme song was originally performed by B.B.Queens as their 1st single and released in April 1990. It sold 1.9 million units in Japan and has been recognized as one of the most popular anime theme songs.


The group has posted a dance lecture video performed by the five students of EXILE PROFESSIONAL GYM, a dance and vocal school operated by their agency LDH, including simple advice by the four members: Ami, Karen Fujii, Reina Washio, and Yuzuna Takebe.




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E-girls' 6th single "Gomennasai no Kissing You" (October 2, 2013)



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