Garage Kit Maker Shows Off "Kill La Kill" Ira Gamagoori Bust

Bancho version planned for summer Wonder Festival

Garage kit maker TK has blogged a look at a 15cm bust of Kill La Kill's Ira Gamagoori decked out in buncho/delinquent attire. The fan made figure, based on Akira Yamashita art and partially inspired by episode 8, "I Will Wipe My Own Tears," is being prepared as as 14-piece kit for July and the summer Wonder Festival event.


The sculptor notes the difficulty getting the character too look like Gamagoori rather than Geese Howard, Fist of the North Star, or even Cooking Papa, but that they really wanted to a 3D version.








They also showed off a bit of ending version Mako


In other garage kits, @oyatutengoku had a Satsuki that sold out at Treasure Festa In Ariake


@ma_o_ji  has also been showing off incomplete custom figures



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