Moyoco Anno to Appear at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

May 10 - 11

This isn’t really news, so much as a reminder, that manga artist Moyoco Anno, known for Sugar Run Rune and Happy Mania, will be a guest of honor at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this upcoming weekend.

Moyoco Anno is attending TCAF in support of her debuting graphic novel, Insufficient Direction, an autobiographical manga based on her marriage to Evangelion creator and director Hideaki Anno, that you can read here on Crunchyroll Manga. Other Anno titles available to read now include Buffalo 5 Girls, and The Diary of Ochibi.

Moyoco Anno's apperances at the con include the following panels....

4:00pm-5:00pm: Women in Manga!
In an industry much larger and more diverse than their North American counterpart, comic artists in Japan who are women have a contrasting experience in both their creative and marketing processes. Learn about this and much more from the leading artists in three distinct genres of manga: Moyoco Anno (Insufficient Direction, Sakuran), Est Em (Tableau No. 20, Golondrina), and Akira Himekawa (The Legend of Zelda, My Little Pony). Interview will be conducted by Deb Aoki, with English/Japanese interpretation by Jocelyne Allen and Aki Takabatake.
11:15am-12:15pm: Spotlight: Moyoco Anno
Author of manga beloved around the world, TCAF is proud to welcome Moyoco Anno as a Featured Guest for 2014. A fan-favourite for her smash-hit shoujo manga Sugar Sugar Rune, and her groundbreaking josei works Happy Mania, Flowers & Bees, and Sakuran, Anno’s newest manga turns her focus inward for an hilarious and insightful look at married life. Debuting at TCAF, Insufficient Direction chronicles Anno’s marriage to “King of otaku” Hideki Anno, creator of Evangelion, and he quest to become the perfect “otaku wife”. In this feature interview, Moyoco Anno will be joined by her English Publisher Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc., for an unique discussion that will span her career and works.
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