Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki Joins "Go! Go! Kaden Danshi" Anime Cast

His role in flash anime "Go! Go! Kaden Danshi" revealed as household gadget

These days anything can humanized and become an anime. "Go! Go! Kaden Danshi", a flash anime by the DLE staff best known for Taka No Tsume (Eagle Talon) have humanized regular household gadgets into regular Japanese college kids enjoying a social life. In the second season, it was announced that popular voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Makoto Tachibana from Free! and Kazunari Takao from Kuroko's Basketball) would join the cast and the latest episode revealed his role for the first time.





An electric jug, a microwave and a dryer are trying to recruit freshmen into their social circle and decided to talk to a speaker that happend to walk by. Can you tell which household gadget was Tatsuhisa's character? He voiced the twin speaker gijinka Speaker Brothers. Both positive and high toned older brother Tsui-ta- and negative and low-pitched younger brother, Wu-ha- are voiced by him. 


The first season of the anime featured Kana Hanazawa as the school madonna hair dryer while she voiced more characters in the series and even acted as herself in the suprise movie version of the anime. Let's see what other random things that series will bring in the second season.


Source: CinemaToday

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