VIDEO: Nothing Can Prepare You for the "Fatal Fury" Fan Film Trailer

"This's What Makes a Legend!"

Leave it up to some guy from Mexico calling himself “El Gamer Cosplayer” to come up with something as magnificent as this trailer for a proposed 12 episode live-action web series based on Neo-Geo’s immortal Fatal Fury: King of Fighters franchise. Sure, some of the wigs and costumes on display be a bit questionable at best, but there’s no denying the wild-eyed passion that went into making this unqiue blend of movie magic. Enjoy below!



As you might have figured out from the trailers, “El Gamer Cosplayer” has already completed two episodes of his masterwork (viewable here) and is looking to crowd-fund the rest via I’m wondering how much I would have to spend before the dude cosplaying as Duck King gets his own spin off series…





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