Inspired By "Yowapeda" Role, A Cast Member Purchases His Own Road Bike

Number of road bike owners within the cast keep climbing

Actors are known to study their roles and take extreme measures for the sake of acting on occasion. In voice acting, it was only few months ago that veteran voice actor and singer Shotaro Morikubo who is the voice of Yusuke Makishima from Yowapeda purchased a road bike estimated to cost about $3000 at a bike shop that he visited for the official Yowapeda radio show. Now there is another voice actor from the anime who shed some dough to become the proud owner of a road bike!



image via Y'sRoad Ikebukuro Charley Ikebukuro Blog

It was Tetsuya Kakihara, the voice of Jinpachi Toudou from Hakone Academy. Tetsuya purchased Redley Fenix, the brand that Jinpachi rides. His visit was posted in the bike shop's blog as "The Ace Climber Of HakGaku Was Here!". 

image via Y'sRoad Ikebukuro Charley Shinjuku post

Morikubo also purchased a Ridley Fenix road bike, which is not the model Makishima rides, but he seemed to fall in love with the red frame according to the shop's blog post. Newcomer Daiki Yamashita who is the voice of Sakamichi Onoda and Tsubasa Yonaga, the voice of Sangaku Manami, another climber from HakoGaku also purchased a road bike and fans are speculating on who will be the next voice actor to turn road biker.

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There is a recent trend of voice actors who are cast in sports anime to act it out in real life, as in an example above posted by Natsuki Hanae, who is the voice of Haruichi Kominato from Ace Of The Diamond on his Twitter account. At the recent official anime event, the cast of Ace of the Diamond played a baseball game at a stadium in their respective role's uniform.


Just as voice actresses are expected to be able to become idols, there are more oppotunities for voice actors to show off their other skills or the lack thereof at fan events, whether if it's baseball, basketball, swimming, volleyball or tennis. Did I miss any other sports? Are there any anime, sports or not, that interest you in seeing the voice cast act out from respective anime in real life?

Source: Nijimen

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