"Space Brothers" Inspired Real Escape Game Coming to San Francisco

May 22 - 26 at the Regency Center

Somehow, in the middle of all our news mongering, we forgot to mention the upcoming Real Escape Game Escape from the Moon Base inspired by the Space Brothers anime and manga. We make up for lost time with more info below...


Some of you may be wondering... What is the Real Escape Game? 

The Real Escape Game from Japan is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. This game requires you to escape from a place filled with puzzles to stump you and your fellow players. The objective of the game is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted. Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently and the Game Master directs gameplay to add a touch of drama into the story. Read more about REG here! (For those of you living in New York, the Real Escape Game is also coming to NYC! !)





One hour left until you run out of air

"Emergency! Emergency! The base is severely damaged! Cause Unknown!”
Suddenly, the alert blares out through the base. You are trapped! There is only one hour of oxygen and seconds are already ticking away.
What caused the damage? Is there a way out? Solve the mysteries, escape from the Moon Base, and survive!

Game Play Information
* Team size is 6 people, but might be required to change depending on total participants at each game. There will be multiple teams in the same room and all players will join one of each team. This is different format from Real Escape ‘Room’. Please arrive early if you want to be placed on a team with your friends. In some cases, we might need to shuffle participants around to ensure team fairness. Single players are also welcome! We believe that this game can be even more enjoyable when you played with new people.

Interested in playing? Buy Tickets Here!!


Interested in winning tickets? (of course you are)... take the Crossword Puzzle challenge Here!!


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