VIDEO: "Sakura Memento", the Totally Weird New PV from URBANGARDE

New album on sale 6/18

Japan’s preeminent purveyors of “trauma pop”, URBANGARDE (fronted by striking lead singer Yoko Hamasaki and bespeckled wild man Tenma Matsunaga), are back with a new song and new PV in the form of “Sakura Memento”, a curious and crazy ode to cherry blossom culture. Is there anyone else out right now there mixing up surreal art and social commentary quite like this band? Personally, I don't think so, but watch the video below and judge for yourself!



URBANGARDE’s new LP Utsukushii Kuni (Beautiful Country) is set for release on 6/18. Official sleeve art and promo photos are featured below!


Utsukushii Kuni cover art


Tenma Matsunaga 


Yoko Hamasaki




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