Cosplay Photographer Launches Kickstarter For New Photobook

Get a sneak peek of beautiful work by Bigwhitebazooka

Eric Ng, otherwise known as Bigwhitebazooka is a cosplay photographer whose photos are regularly featured on news sites such as Kotaku, GameInformer and CosplayGen. He's finally launched his first Kickstarter project, Project: Bazooka - Epic Cosplay Photography. The 156 page hardcover book will feature beautiful cosplay photography that he produced over the years with more than 65 cosplyers including some Crunchyroll Cosplay Ambassadors such as Okageo Cosplay, Johnny and Jen Junkers and YCYSusan.



The project is aiming to raise the funds necessary to publish his photo book without compromising the quality or design. 



Monster Hunter featuring Okageo Cosplay (Crunchyroll Ambassador)




Attack On Titan featuring Haku & Akusesu




NARUTO featuring MrDustinn





Nagi no Asukara (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea) featuring A2ki and Boomie of Strawberry Censor





Sakizo Illustration featuring Sushi Monster




League of Legends featuring Junkers Cosplay Inc. and YCYSusan (both Crunchyroll Ambassadors)



A sample contents page featuring Yaya Han.


Reflecting the early popularity of the campaign, 100 limited Early Bird Specials for an autographed copy at the $25 pledhe level have been pledged for within first few days of posting, but no worries, there is still enough time to contribute to reach the $7,500 goal until June 11th.

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