VIDEO: "Final Fantasy Agito" Clips Gear Up for Battle

Smartphone game is out now on Android and iOS in Japan

The other day we saw a handful of customization and school life clips from Final Fantasy Agito, which is now available on Android and iOS in Japan. Famitsu followed up on those with more action-centric clips showing how players will gear up, fight, and take on the game's missions. 


The first focuses on changing equipment:


This one prepares for battle by accepting missions and selecting partners:


Here we have a look at what it's like once you enter a mission, find a target, and attack it:


Battle video #2 explains how to use abilities by pressing the elemental attribute buttons on the bottom of the screen. Abilities can be set and chained, and Team Commands let you give instructions to party members:


The Team Command function is the focus of the third battle video. Command your party members to Attack and focus on taking down foes, or Concentrate for enhanced healing effects that in return lower defense:


Finally we have one of the Subjugation battles, which will only be available on the weekend and have players grouping together to take on bosses:


Via Siliconera



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