VIDEO: "Conception II" Launches in Europe, Celebrates with a Trailer

PS Vita version out now, Nintendo 3DS version tomorrow

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is officially out in Europe. Well, at least half of the versions are, with the PS Vita version out today and the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow, both as download-only releases via the PlayStation Store and eShop, respectively.


Atlus tooted the horn of Conception II's arrival with a launch trailer:



Conception II puts players in the role of God's Gift -- a disciple bestowed with unprecedented levels of power from the Star God. By emitting such high levels of ether, he and one of the game's seven heroines can venture into the labyrinths that threaten mankind's existence. To aid him in battle, God's Gift will need to create Star Children -- pint-sized magical warriors to aid him in battle. To do this though, players will have to spend their time outside of labyrinths establishing relationships with the game's heroines. But players will have to be mindful of how they treat the heroines as their mood and stats directly affect the class of Star Children that can be created. 



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