Kahotan Unveils Snow Miku 2015 Design Contest Finalists

Which one will be the next Snow Miku?

Every year Good Smile Company offers up a new Snow Miku to Nendoroid fans, and this year the competition is heating up as the general submission period is over and Good Smile has narrowed the contest to eight finalists - four Mikus and four for her compaion, Rabbit Yukine. 


The theme this year is "Plant Life in Hokkaido's Winter," which is kind of an odd theme but these artists made it work:


snow miku 2015


This one is by Kise and is meant to have a milk maid kind of look, with Japanese Rowan tree hair ornaments.


snow miku 2015


From Imoko Chuko, this one is based off 'snow-in-summer' flower.   


snow miku 2015


By Anmitsu, this Miku is Lily of the Valley themed with a fairy twist.


snow miku 2015


This one, by Taran, incorporates a lot of different winter plants, including Lily of the Valley, white birch flowers and Japanese rowan tree.  


Now for Rabbit Yukine:


snow miku 2015


Like strawberries and cherries? Then you'll like this design, by Daida


snow miku 2015


This gentlemanly fella is by Magu.


miku 2015


Lily of the Valley is popular theme for the contest. This one is by Hayuki.


snow miku 2015


And finally, this one by Yuna.


The winner will be selected during the live Good Smile broadcast May 16th. 


Which one do you want to win? Sound off in the comments!

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