Wave Previews "Beyond the Boundary" Beach Queens

1/10 Mirai Kuriyama and Mitsuki Nase on the way

Been waiting patiently for Beyond the Boundary figures? Wave has you covered. We've known for a bit that they had a Mirai Kuriyama figure on the way, but now we get or first look at her painted and finished - and she brought a friend. 


Now, we don't get to see the full figures, but something is better than nothing, right?


beyond the boundary beach queen


We'd previously seen the prototype for Mirai at WonFes, but again, only part of her (and she was overshadowed by Ryuuko. Sorry, Mirai).


beach queens beyond the boundary


You can pre-order them here and here


Do you like them? Hate them? Sound off in the comments!



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