Shred With The Rathalos Fire Sword "Monster Hunter" 10th Anniversary Guitar By ESP

The best part is that it's for sale, but the price will leave you breathless

Custom guitar collaborations are nothing new, usually being done as non-commercial one-offs or limited collectors editions to celebrate significant milestones or anniversaries. This latest custom guitar created by ESP Guitars Japan in collaboration with Capcom looks to redefine what a custom guitar can look like while still retaining basic functionality in the Rathalos Firesword.


As can be seen by the design, it would look more appropriate used by the members of GWAR than anything resembling a player-friendly guitar. I'm not going to bore you with the full specifications since I'll link to the info page, but the guitar is otherwise a typical ESP Custom Series model with different parts owing to its origin in Japan, rather than the US-based Custom Shops. Now I hope you're sitting down without anything in your mouth, as the price is set at ¥2,300,000 before tax. For those among you that can convert to USD, that's $22,661.


The most amazing thing about this is that its actually being put up for pre-order later this Summer, as the price is meant to attract dedicated collectors and even some more renowned musicians known for extensive guitar collections.


Every pre-order received will be counted as a future work order, so I'm assuming a deposit will apply to each pre-order in order to ensure that each is a legitimate purchase, since these are not being mass-produced, but made to order, including the hardshell case wrapped in a Rathalos scale pattern. Let's say you had $23K to blow on a guitar, would you buy this one? I won't lie, if I had the cash, I'd definitely look into one.


ESP Guitars Japan via CAPCOM_MH4OFFICIAL On Twitter

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