Voice Cast for Next "Hunter x Hunter" Arc Announced (Spoiler Warning)

Next arc kicks off July 8th

There's plenty of Hunter x Hunter excitement in the air. Not only is the series a week away from the manga's return to Shonen Jump, the anime is gearing up for the debut of another previously unadapted story arc.


Hiroki Takahashi, voice of Hisoka in the 1999 series, returns as Pariston Hill (yes, that's supposed to look like Paris Hilton), while Maaya Uchida joins in a major role, and Akio Otsuka and Satake Uki cycle back in new roles.


The Election Arc starts off July 8th.


Pariston Hill - Hiroki Takahashi


Cheadle Yorkshire - Ikue Otani

Alluka Zoldyck - Maaya Uchida

Mizaistom Nana - Akio Otsuka

Piyon - Tomoka Kiriyama

Kanzai - Osaka Ryota


Tsubone - Ikuko Tani


Amane - Marina Inoue


Kite (yeah, we warned you about spoilers) - Satake Uki


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