Taito's Super Sonico will Cast a Spell On You

Plus: another new Super Sonico and Super Pochaco on the way

Think there are a lot of Super Sonico figures out there? By the looks of it, the parade of Sonico isn't coming to an end anytime soon. Taito has a couple of new Sonicos on the way, and their newest is on the magical side. Magician Sonico has hints of Zatanna. 


super sonico


She's due out in July. She'll also, eventually, have a bunny in the form of Super Pochaco, which we've only seen as a prototype so far.


super sonico super pochaco 


They're not the only Sonico/Pochaco pair in production; they've also got promo pictures out for a Winter Version of Super Sonico and Super Pochaco that consist of fur-lined cutoffs, bikini tops and scarves. Pochaco is due out in October; Sonico is due out in November. 


super sonico


super pochaco


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