"Attack on Titan" Browser Game Features Characters as Kids

"Attack on Titan Wings of Counterattack Online" has some fun with titan attackers

Out of the gates, the Attack on Titan Wings of Counterattack Online browser game worked with unusual presentations of the series' character, highlighting some strange customizations at launch. It's followed that up with event s with special winter training and fighting tournament versions of the characters. And, lately, the idea has been to go young with the characters. 


At the end of May, the game launched a collaboration event with the spin-off comedy manga Attack on Titan Junior High

Beyond that, the game is introducing child version Sasha, Connie, Ymir and Annie with this weekend's 56th research expedition event.



Some past events included 

hand to hand combat training


Winter training


infiltration mission 




Connie's birthday





Jean's birthday


Eren's birthday


Annie's birthday

Ymir's birthday


Cherry blossom


New Year's




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