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Yosakoi Dance-themed TV Anime "Hanayamata" Air Date Set for July 7

Maika Takai, Yuuki Wakai, Ayano Yamamoto join the cast

The official site for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Sou Hamayumiba's Yosakoi Dance-themed manga Hanayamata today announced its premiere schedule with a new key visual featuring the five main girls, a character introduction video for Hana, the release day for the OP and ED songs, and additional voice cast for the three members of Yaya's band Need Cool Quality.


The premiere schedule:

July 7: TV Tokyo 25:35~

July 8: TV Osaka 25:35~

July 10: TV Aichi 25:35~ (only 1st episode will be aired on 26:05)

July 11: AT-X 22:00~


The CD singles of the OP song "Hana wa Odoreya Irohaniho" by Team Hanayamata and the ED song

"Hanayuki" by SmileY inc. will be simultaneously released in Japan on August 27. Team Hanayamata

is a new unit formed by the five main voice actresses of the anime: Reina Ueda, Minami Tanaka, Kaya

Okuno, Yuka Otsubo, and Manami Numakura. SmileY inc. is also a newly-formed two-member unit by

Yuka Ohtsubo and famous Vocaloid song producer Yuuyu who is best known for his Hatsune Miku song

in 2010, "Shinkai Shoujo."



The main voice cast:

Reina Ueda as Naru Sekiya

Minami Tanaka as Hana N. Fontainestand

Kaya Okuno as Yaya Sasame

Yuka Otsubo as Tami Nishimikado

Manami Numakura as Machi Tokiwa

Megumi Toyoguchi as Sally-sensei (Naru and others' homeroom teacher)

Tsuyoshi Koyama as Masaru Ohfuna (the owner of the Yosakoi shop)


Three of the four members of the band Need Cool Quality which is founded by Yaya

Maika Takai as Yuka Komachi

Yuuki Wakai as Sachiko Yamanoshita

Ayano Yamamoto as Arisa Kajihara



The new key visual



Team Hanayamata



SmileY inc.



Character introduction video for Hana



Character introduction video for Naru


Source: TV anime "Hanayamata" official site


© Sou Hamayumiba, Houbunsha/"Hanayamata" Production Committee


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