Alternate Cover For "Free!" Prequel Novel "High Speed 2" Revealed

Plus, a much more complicated character correlation diagram

Just about a month before the sexy summer swimming anime, Free! comes back as Free! Eternal Summer and High Speed 2, the second volume of the light novel which the anime is based on will be released a few days before the broadcast on July 2nd. just like the first season. Just like the anime, High Speed 2 will have new characters and even more characters were teased on the alternate cover for the second novel which was just revealed.



The alternative cover was posted by Esma Bunko's official Twitter account. The second cover features Rin's friends, Sosuke, the new character who will appear in anime as well, in front and the novel's new character, Kisumi Shigono in the back.



The first cover revealed a while ago features the swimmers from Iwatobi Middle School. From left, Ikuya Kirishima, Nagisa Hazuki, Haruka Nanase, Asahi Shiina and Makoto Tachibana. the boy with purple hair in the back is Nao Serizawa, who is a team manager of the swimming club.



The official site was also updated with the above character diagram and the plot of the new novel. Look at all the lines connecting characters to Haruka! A pop up window with more information about the character opens when you hover over a character on the official site. The second volume of the novel takes place when Haruka and Makoto attend Iwatobi Middle School while Nagisa is still at Iwatobi Elementary. The story evolves around the in-school time trial match Haruka and Makoto need to compete as a team with the new teammates at Iwatobi Middle School, Asahi Shiina and Ikuya Kirishima. Although he is appearing on the alternate cover, Rin's bubble says he is studying in Australia. Sosuke attends Sano Middle School and will be matched up with Haruka in the novel, inevitably.


© Koji Ouji/Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi High School Swimming Club

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