"Futsu no Joshikousei ga LocoDol Yattemita" TV Anime Set for July 3

Miku Ito and Sachika Misawa voice the lead characters

The official site for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Kotaro Kosugi's 4-panel manga Futsu no Joshikousei ga LocoDol Yattemita (Ordinary High School Girls Tried Being Local Idols) today posted a new key visual featuring the four main girls with Nagarekawa-city's yuru chara, Gyoshin-kun, and also announced its premiere schedule.


The premiere schedule:


July 3: TBS 26:16~

July 6: Sun TV 25:00~

July 10: CBC 27:26~

July 12: BS-TBS 25:30~


New key visual



1st key visual



The story focuses on two high school girls Nanako Usami (CV:Miku Ito) and Yukari Kohinata (CV: Sachika

Misawa), who happen to work as a local idol unit "Nagarekawa Girls." The "Nagarekawa-city" in the story is

based on the real Nagarekawa area in Hiroshima Prefecture. The two main voice actresses Ito and Misawa

has hosted a bi-weekly promotional program for the anime, "Nagarekawa City Channel" on YouTube.

Currently the episode 0 and 1 are available. 


"Nagarekawa City Channel" episode 1 (posted on May 30)


Source: "Futsu no Joshikousei ga LocoDol Yattemita" anime official site


© Kotaro Kosugi, Ichijinsha/Locodol Production Committeee

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