VIDEO: Akane's Character Song from "Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara"

"A love song at 1:00 am" comes with the DVD/Blu-ray 2nd volume

Following the first volume hits stores next Wednesday, the official site for the on-going TV anime Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara has already posted a jacket illustration for the upcoming second DVD/Blu-ray volume drawn by the novel's original illustrator CUTEG and a music clip for "Gozen Ichiji no Love Song" (A love song at 1:00 am), a newly-recorded character song of one of the main heroines, Akane Mahougasawa, sung by her voice actress Ai Kayano.


The second volume containing the third and fourth episodes is scheduled to be released on July 23. It comes with a booklet "Mini FLAG 02," 16-page full color booklet, two postcards featuring the end-card illustrations, and music CD "Music Fragment 2." The CD contains the solo version of the ED theme "Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Wake" and "Gozen Ichiji no Love Song," both sung by Ai Kayano. The list price of the Blu-ray disc is 7,000 yen (excluding tax/about US$68) and that of the DVD is 6,000 yen.



"Gozen Ichiji no Love Song" clip



Jacket illustration by the novel illustrator CUTEG



Anime PV featuring Akane Mahougasawa



via: Gaworare anime official site


© Touka Takei, Kodansha/Gaworare Production Committee

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