VIDEO: Cover Illustration for Premium Limited Edition of "Evangelion" Manga Final Volume

The deadline of the pre-order is July 31

Kadokawa's Evangelion official site today revealed the cover illustration for the premium limited edition of the final/14th volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion manga series illustrated by the anime character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, with a new TV CM narrated by Kotono Mitsuishi. 


The 14th volume will be released in Japan on November 20, 2014. The premium limited edition comes with an original illustration cover, bookend for the all 14 tankobons, 14-page booklet for Sadamoto's newly-drawn illustrations, and "Working Music CD" containing the tunes Sadamoto listened to during his drawing time. The tankobon itself also includes a 28-page new manga episode. The 1,382-yen limited edition is only produced by order and the deadline for the pre-order is July 31.



The promotional poster featuring the illustration


The bookend



2nd CM



1st CM



1st promotional poster

Source: press release


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