New Startup Working On "Steamboy" SteamOS Powered Portable Console

New console intended as portable version of Steam Machine concept

Lost in the din of E3, a new startup looks to take the Steam Machine Steam OS powered console concept and wants to steer it in a more portable direction with what it calls the "Steamboy" in an obvious allusion to the Nintendo Game Boy.


SteamBoy Machine


Currently, the proof-of-concept SteamBoy Machine is nothing more than a render of a Steam Controller prototype with a 5-inch display in the middle and additional action buttons on the front, but the idea is that the controller will also feature some sort of quad-core processor backed up by 4GB of RAM, 32GB of Flash memory and the inclusion of a cellular and Wi-Fi radio for online access, despite the specifications not meeting the current minimums to qualify as a fully supported Steam Machine.



The device's creator has gone further, stating that the device's launch is planned for next year and will support the majority of Steam games, but has so far given few details outside of the above. If a portable Steam Machine did come out with the above specifications, how much would you be willing to pay for one?


via Pocket Gamer and The Escapist

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