Gundam Mecha Re-imagined as Maids

Plus Fujio F. Fujiko remixes of popular characters

Manga artist Michiro Ueyama (Tsumanuda Fight Town, a long running Zoids published by Viz) posts a lot of remix tribute art online, such as Fujio F. Fujiko inspired versions of popular characters. Lately, he's been working on a cute and clever series of Gundam mech as maids.  


White Feddie Maid


Red Comet Maid


That's No Zaku Maid

Jet Stream Maid


Unicorn Maid


Jaburo Rainforest Maid


Turn A Maid


Wings of Light Maid


The East is Burning Red Maid-sensei


Sitting Work Maid



 Italian Wing Maid


Mass Production Maids


This Hand is Burning Red Maid


Tears of Time Maid



His Fujio F. Fujiko remixes...



Some more of his tribute art..



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