"Blue Exorcist" Author Promotes Upcoming Stage Play On Twitter

Plus, more info on stage play that opens on the 21st in Japan

The Blue Exorcist stage play is opening on the 21st of this month and the author Kazue Katoh did what she does best to promote it, which is posting her illustrations on Twitter!


The series had its first stage adaptation in 2012 and this will be the second stage adaptation with a brand-new cast and more characters. The stage show will be in two parts that are titled Blue Awakening, which is based off of the first few chapters of the manga and Kyoto: the Impure King which will be adapted from the manga for the first time.



Katoh-sensei was also nice enough to share from the beginning of its creation.





She started to get anxious as an hour had gone by since she started working on this.






When she realized what time it was, it was past 3am Japan time.





The final piece was posted. She tweeted that this will be displayed at the theater.





Katoh-sensei also visited the rehearsal site and shared some photos from practice with permission. She tweeted that she was impressed that the stage director, Nishida-san read the manga and was giving accurate directions to actors during the rehearsal.






Promotional video clips of the cast in costume are available on You Tube. Here is the one by Hiromi Sakimoto as Rin Okumura. There are lots more videos posted by different cast members in costume.





12 performances of the Blue Exorcist Blue Awakening arc and Kyoto: the Impure King arc stage plays will open on the 21st at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro in Japan. Please see the official site for the details (in Japanese only).



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