Clara Says ClariS will not be Disbanded

"I want to continue to deliver many songs as ClariS"

High school girls duo ClariS' third full album "PARTY TIME" was released in Japan on June 4, then it took an amazingly good 2nd place in the Oricon weekly album ranking selling 43,146 units in its first week. However, Alice, who was one of the two founding members, had already left the unit in order to concentrate on her studying.


Clara, the only remained member of ClariS, did a phone interview for the first time for Fuji TV's morning show "Mezamashi TV" this morning on June 16. She said, "Because this is her decision after long consideration, I want to support it," then clearly denied the rumors about the breakup of the unit. "I want to continue to deliver many songs as ClariS to the people, so I kindly ask for your continued support," promising she would not give up her activities as ClariS. Still, it is unclear if ClariS will be Clara's one-person unit, or she will invite a new singer as the second Alice.



ClariS' latest character illustration © SME Records Inc.


Source: Nikkan Sports


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