"Hyrule Warriors" Tells Time with a Bonus Triforce Clock in Japan

Musou take on the Zelda series hits Wii U in Japan on August 14

Sometimes it takes courage, wisdom, and power just to wake up in the morning, so Tecmo Koei's recently revealed bonus for the special editions of Hyrule Warriors is appropriate. Among other goodies, both the Japanese Premium Box and Treasure Box releases come packing a Triforce clock, which looks pretty much exactly like you'd expect.


The Premium Box—which also packs an official booklet and six in-game outfits—will be available through your import store of choice, and the Treasure Box is an Amazon.jp and Game City exclusive. Here's what you could be waking up to…



Other items in the Treasure Box include the booklet, two additional in-game costumes on top of the Premium Box's six, Link's scarf, and a noise-making treasure box. 


Hyrule Warriors hits Wii U in Japan on August 14, followed by Europe and North America on September 19 and 26, respectively. 


Via Zelda Informer



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