VIDEO: nano.RIPE Performs ED Song for Summer TV Anime "Glasslip"

Their 13th single "Toumei na Sekai" hits stores July 23

Lantis has posted a short version promotional video for "Toumei na Sekai" (The Invisible World), the 13th single of four-member Japanese rock band nano.RIPE on its official YouTube channel. The song will be featured as the ED theme for the upcoming summer TV anime Glasslip. nano.RIPE was formed in 2004 and is known for many anime theme songs such as "Hana no Iro" (3rd single/Hanasaku Iroha 1st OP), "Real World" (8th single/Humanity Has Declined OP), "Moshimo no Hanashi" (9th single/Bakuman. 3rd season OP), and the most recent "Nanairo Biyori" (12th single/Non Non Biyori OP). "Toumei na Sekai" will be released in Japan on July 23.


P.A.WORKS' original TV anime Glasslip is scheduled to premiere in Japan on July 3.


"Toumei na Sekai" short PV






Limited edition CD jacket



Regular edition



2nd anime PV


via: nano.RIPE official Twitter


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