"Final Fantasy Explorers" Action-RPG to Have About 20 Job Types

Famitsu divulges more info on upcoming Nintendo 3DS game

If you wanted more info on the upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers action-RPG, Famitsu has you covered. Among the latest details on the four-player 3DS game is word that it will have about 20 types of playable jobs, adding plenty of options on top of the previously revealed four.


In addition to the Knight, Monk, White Mage, and Black Mage jobs, Dragon Knight, Paladin, Thief, Ninja, Red Mage, Time Mage, and Bard have been confirmed as playable. 


Famitsu describes Explorers as a "lite" version of Final Fantasy XI or XIV. Players will be able to assign a maximum of eight abilities to each button for battles, and job-specific abilities can be used within other jobs once mastered. Ability costs depend on the currently chosen job. 



Players will also be able to train monsters after befriending ones they face in battle. Any of the four available player slots that are empty can be filled with monsters, so combination human/monster parties are possible. All of the battling and exploration will take place on an island with various locations, with the ability to travel across its connected lands. 


The release date for Final Fantasy Explorers has yet to be announced, but both local and Internet co-op will be supported when it does launch. Square Enix is gearing up to make this a proper sub-series of Final Fantasy, and players can look forward to a 100-200 hour adventure.


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