"Steins;Gate" Novel Depicts Characters in Their 20s

"STEINS;GATE The Committee of Antimatter" preview page launches

A preview page has launched for STEINS;GATE The Committee of Antimatter, a novel set to be released August 29th featuring the post-grad life of the characters in their 20s (Okarin, Christina and Daru are 24, Mayuri is 22,  Nae Tennōji is 17, Suzuha Amane is apparently 18).


Miwa Choushirouis is writing with 5pb.'s Chiyomaru Shikura planning based on Naotaka Hayashi's scenario. Yoshida Tadasu illustrates. Set in 2016, the gang is still trying to keep the Future Gadget Lab business running, but Chris has been overseas as a brainscience resarcher, Daru is making some IT money and Mayuri is a kindergarten teacher. They're drawn into new temporal chaos when Nae Tennōji taps on Okarin for some freelance problem solver work.





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