Anpanman Tops Bandai's "Most Favorite Character" Ranking Again

"Aikatsu!" takes the first place in the girl's ranking beating "PreCure"

Bandai has been reporting the result of their annual survey "Who is your children's favorite character?" (favorite series, in fact) in this time of year. This year's survey was conducted with 800 Japanese parents who have 0-12 year old children between May 16 and 18. No surprise, Takashi Yanase's Anpanman, a hero with an edible head made of "pan" (bread) that is filled with "an" (red bean paste), takes the first place of the boy's and girl's combined ranking for 13 consecutive years since 2002 when the survey began. The creator of the series past away on October 13 last year, but the popularity of the hero looks immortal.


A surprising newcomer is Youkai Watch in the second place. Its original Nintendo 3DS game was released in Japan on July 11, 2013, then the TV anime started airing in January 2014. It is sure that the franchise is now building a huge fan base really fast. The top franchise in the girl's ranking is Aikatsu!.

Though not appeared in the last year's ranking, it suddenly jumps up to the top beating the previous

girl's champion PreCure.



Boy's & Girl's Combined Ranking

1 (1). "Anpanman" (11.9%)


© Yanase Takashi・froebelkan/TMS/NTV



2 (new). "Youkai Watch" (10.8%)

 © LEVEL5/Youkai Watch Project

3 (new). "Aikatsu!" (7.0%)

© Sunrise/Bandai, Dentsu, TV Tokyo



4 (2). "PreCure" (6.1%)

© TOEI Animation/ABC

5 (7). "Doraemon" (5.1%)

© Fujico Pro/Shogakukan/TV Asahi/Shinei/ADK



6 (6). "Super Sentai series" (4.0%)

The on-going series "Ressha Sentai ToQger"

© Ishimori Pro/TV Asahi/TOEI AG/TOEI

7 (-) "Thomas and Friends" (3.5%)

© Gullance (Thomas) Limited



8 (4). "Pokémon/Pocket Monster" (3.4%)

© Pokémon © Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK/TV Tokyo/ShoPro

9 (3). "Kamen Rider" (3.1%)

The on-going series "Kamen Rider Gaimu"

© Ishimori Pro/TV ASAHI/ADK//TOEI

10 (9). "Rilakkuma" (3.0%)



Boy's Top 5

1. "Youkai Watch"

2. "Anpanman"

3. "Super Sentai series"

4. "Doraemon"

5. " Thomas and Friends"


Girl's Top 5

1. "Aikatsu!"

2. "Anpanman"

3. "PreCure"

4. "Youkai Watch"

5. "Rilakkuma"


Source: Bandai via Mynavi

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