"Digimon Story" Vita Game Updates with Info on Agumon and More

PS Vita RPG scheduled for release in Japan next year

Bandai Namco unleashed a handful of updates for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, which is in the works for PS Vita. First up is an official website update that adds a character page and info for Agumon and Gabumon, including new screens of each.



According to the description, the game's protagonist runs into Agumon and Gabumon in the lowest levels of Cyberspace. While Agumon doesn't have an inch of fear in his body, Gabumon is cowardly and shy. They work together to cast away doubts surrounding the nature of hackers, and secrets deep within them will be vital to the protagonist's greater fate.


There's also further info on some of the RPG's other characters, such as...


The female version of the protagonist, who is given a Digimon Capture device and travels to the lowest level of Cyberspace to gauge rumors of hackers in the streets. 



Nokia Shiramine, a young girl who establishes an emotional bond with the Digimon she meets, and finds herself in the lowest level of Cyberspace thanks to her interest in Digimon.



Arata Sanada is a former big name hacker who, like Nokia, is a character the protagonist meets during an online chat. He is a big brother among his peers, and this comes through in the way he looks after the younger protagonists. 



Some battle, Cyberspace, and dialogue screens:


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth hits PS Vita in Japan next year.


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