"Ghost In The Shell ARISE" Collaborates with Japanese Newspaper

Plus "border:3 Ghost Tears" preview video

The Nishi Nippon Shinbun newspaper recently inserted 4 pages of promotional editorial in collaboration with Ghost In The Shell ARISE in their June 28th issue. The special collaboration editorial was made due to the fact the capital of Japan is set in Fukuoka in 2027 in the ARISE series. Readers can download the exclusive illustration of the future city from the new collaboration website.



image via Ghost In The Shell ARISE official Facebook

The top feature is the world's first interview with Major Motoko Kusanagi titled "Why I Fight" in which the Major discussed where her sense of justice comes from and about her colleagues. She even comments on her romantic partner who will appear in border:3. The interview ends with a Q&A session with the cast and staff and in the section, director Kazuchika Kise and writer Tou Ubukata both apologized to her that they beat her up badly everytime, cut her bangs short and exposed her legs, to which Motoko replied, "Men are the lowest things".




The collaboration website includes link to download the above image and most of what was published in the paper, including Major Kusanagi's interview and other interesting articles written in the "if" style. You can use the google translate option to read them in English or any language of your choice, but the English version doesn't make much sense unfortunately.




 Finally, a new preview video of Ghost In The Shell ARISE 3 Blu-ray disc which contains "border:3 Ghost Tears" was posted. The disc will be released on July 25th as the third installment of ARISE opened in Japan on June 28th.


© Masamune Shirow, Production I.G/Kodansha/"Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Production Committee

Copyright The Nishinippon Shimbun. All rights reserved.

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